Hour or Two

Spread the Word

Sometimes we cannot reach all of the people we would like to. We often hear that people have never heard of us! This is sad. Help us change this sorry state of affairs!

What's involved?

The Museum has hundreds of events each year, from regular adult learning classes to comedy nights, to plays and family activities. We always create a glossy What’s On leaflet every four months as well as posters and leaflets for events. We would really appreciate help with distributing these to your local cafes, shops, community centres – anywhere really that will take some! 

Why get involved?

Drop off 20 leaflets with a local cafe, take 10 to your local library or give a leaflet to a friend! All are important in spreading the word. The more people we have attending our events and visiting, the better reason to develop the Museum!

How to get involved?

Sign up here, get an email from the Museum Team and simply arrange a time to pick up some leaflets. We will discuss with you where you intend to distribute them so there aren't any wasted journeys.

By signing up to this challenge, you agree that you have read our privacy statement about how we contact volunteers at the Museum of Oxford. This can be read on our main website. 

Ideal Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Working independently

Ideal Interests

  • Events and Programming
  • Marketing and communications

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