What do MoO volunteers do? 

Rather a lot! There are many different ways of volunteering with us, including stewarding, researching, conserving, event planning, marketing, fundraising, tweeting, and much more! 

Can I be flexible about what day and how regularly I volunteer? 

Absolutely. We ask that you commit to volunteering for 4 hours per month but you can decide when you would like to volunteer and what activity you would like to assist with.

Is there an age limit? 

Our volunteers must be over the age of 16. 

I don't have any experience of volunteering in a museum. Can I still apply? 

 Of course!

Will I be paid?

No, afraid not. 

Do I get to choose what I do? 

Yes! If you become one of our regular volunteers then you'll receive an email each week saying what volunteering opportunities are available. You can then reply to the Volunteer Engagement Officer to let them know what you'd like to get involved with. 

Will there be an interview?

We don't hold formal interviews but we like to have an informal chat to see what you're interested in and to see if we think you're a good fit.

Will I get training? 

Yes. If you have been deemed a good fit then we will arrange an induction for you so we can discuss your responsibilities and what's involved. You will then be paired up with an existing volunteer who will take you around our museum space and explain how to interact with the public. Other training in tasks such as conservation and object handling will also be available. 

Can I leave if I don't like it? 

Of course you can. We would ask that you let us know the reason why. 

Can I claim benefits while volunteering?
Yes. Volunteering does not affect your benefits‚ although you may have to let the Job Centre staff know.

Will this count towards my volunteering hours for DoE?

This activity may count towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Skills Volunteering Section, please check with your DofE Leader for applicability before applying.

Can I volunteer with a friend? 

Of course! 

Will I receive a reference for my volunteering? 

Once you have completed three months of regular volunteering then we are happy to provide a reference for you. 

I'd like to volunteer with you, what happens next? 

Sign up to Volunteer Makers and we'll be in touch about arranging an informal chat in the next few weeks.